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Helping women discover and live their soul purpose and create thriving soul businesses. 

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We all have a soul calling. A divinely inspired purpose for our lives. If you're anything like me, that purpose was hidden below years of resistance, confusion, and misalignment. I was walking around trying to be the person my ego wanted me to be. I was looking for anything and everything on the outside to fulfill myself. None of that worked. It wasn't until I actually started tapping into myself and what my soul actually wanted, and did the associated work, was I able to finally change.


Happiness comes from within and aligning with your soul's purpose.


My goal is to use my clairvoyant gifts to help you connect with your soul and give you tangible tools that you can use to heal and align yourself to achieve your highest potential. 

Stayin' Aligned Podcast

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Jesica is able to deeply connect with your energy and feel into what's going on in your life. In the reading she did for me, Jessica was able to describe visions that represented the guidance coming forward from Spirit in response to my questions. She also holds a very high vibration which makes you feel very safe in her presence. 

Jessica Reid,

creator of Gifted Experts

-Valene E.

​​The channeled guidance I received from Jessica resonated on such a deep level. She tuned into my purpose and painted a very clear picture of how I can go about to share myself and my story in a more aligned and authentic way, to draw in my dream clients who are ready to work with me. She also tuned into the more technical, business side of my purpose and confirmed to me that what I had been debating on doing, would be the most intelligent next step to take. I feel so much more empowered and confident in my visions for my future, knowing with crystal clarity that I’m on the right path. Everything she channeled for me came from a very loving and supportive space. Jessica is incredibly gifted, and I’m so grateful to have received such powerful guidance from her!

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