Discovering and Living Your Soul Purpose


The signature 1:1 program from

Jessica B. 

  • Do you feel like you were meant for more than the life you are living?

  • Do you feel like you are being called to a greater purpose, but aren't sure how to get there?

  • Do you feel like you have untapped spiritual gifts?

  • Do you feel unworthy of happiness and the life you desire?

  • Are you ready to get on your path so that you can live a life of freedom and happiness while also being connected to your divine purpose and power.

Are you ready to discover your purpose and start living a life where you radiate happiness, be spiritually connected, and are absolutely fulfilled by who you are and what you are contributing?

Life-defining Question…


Do you know your soul purpose,  your "why" for being here at this exact moment, at this exact time?  

Your Time Starts NOW!

Believe me, there is no better time than now.

I have been there!

I was you...I am you! I have felt those limiting beliefs, I have felt hopeless and like I would never get a life full of happiness. But through a TON of hard work and dedication, I discovered that fulfillment in one’s life can NEVER come from an outside source.

You want a life of fulfillment, alignment, and passion, a life where you wake up every day knowing who you are and what you came to this earth to do. And my program will support you in creating and maintaining this life for yourself.

It is MY purpose to help you discover YOURs!

It is my true purpose in life to help you discover yours and I will stop at nothing to help you get there. I am so motivated to helping my clients and watching them live the life they WANT and the life they DESERVE!

I have helped women gain the clarity they need to make decisions and move forward in their lives. I have helped women launch and grow their business. I have helped women discover and tap into their spiritual gifts. I have helped women align with their purpose and start living in alignment with their highest selves. 

You are destined for more. Period. A life of happiness and fulfillment is within reach.

About Jess

I am a Clairvoyant and Soul Purpose Expert. I lead clients towards discovering their soul purpose and help them start living their purpose in all aspects of their life. What sets me apart in this industry is that I was you, I AM YOU! This is a journey. I’ve been where you are!


It starts as a blur, a life that feels purposeless. I was there for many many years. And I was tired, tired of my life. So, I decided to jump full force into working on myself. I saw counselors, I dove into spirituality, I read books, listened to podcasts. I did A LOT of work to get to this place. I still work at it, it is a lifelong journey. One of constant self-discovery and growth. But, I wouldn’t go back, I couldn’t go back. I’m energized by my life! I know I am living my soul purpose and doing what I am meant to do on this planet. I know that my actions are getting me closer and are pushing me towards becoming my highest self. I have abundance in all areas of my life including: finances, career, opportunities, and relationships. AND!!! It is my mission to help you do the same. 

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What you receive: 

  • Weekly 1:1 spiritual guidance

    • I will tune into Spirit and bring forth guidance for you that will help you on your journey.

  • Weekly calls (12 total)

  • Additional 30 minute call if requested.

  • Weekly tasks and journal prompts.

    • To help you tap into your truest, rawest self and to break through barriers and change those limiting beliefs. 

  • Weekly guided meditations and/or affirmations.

    • To both help you with your journey and to help you tap into your spiritual gifts. ​

  • Access to my Voxer account where you can send me messages about anything 24/7. 

  • Weekly alchemical healing sessions

    • I use my alchemical healing training to provide healings, help you get back into energetic alignment, and remove any energetic blocks that are standing in your way from reaching your truest potential.​

  • Weekly EFT tapping sessions. 

What to Expect:

Your results will directly correspond to the effort that YOU put into the program. I cannot make you do any of the work, but I can promise you that I will show up for you and do everything in my power to help you achieve your goals and your transformation by the end of these three months working together. 

I can teach you how to connect to your spiritual gifts. I can give you alchemical healings, I can help you identify and move past limiting beliefs using modalities like EFT tapping and meditations.  I can help you get clear on your purpose. And I can share my knowledge and experience to help you bypass a lot of the mistakes and expended energy that I did in my journey. I


Jessica is able to deeply connect with your energy and feel into what's going on in your life. In the reading she did for me, Jessica was able to describe visions that represented the guidance coming forward from Spirit in response to my questions. She also holds a very high vibration which makes you feel very safe in her presence. 

Jessica Reid

Creator of Gifted Experts

Jessica has a very clear and succinct way to communicate, and I especially appreciate her notes that are immensely helpful to go over key points after our reading. My experience with her has been nothing short of insightful and helpful. I'm very appreciative of the attention and care from Jessica and the incredible ability she has and the capacity to use her gifts for the highest good. Thank you!

 Now that you're ready to discover your soul purpose and completely transform your life, you can sign up below.



$1,500 usd


3 payments of $500/month using code "paymentplan"

Together We Will:

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  • Get clear on your soul purpose.

  • Grow confidence in yourself and in your spiritual gifts. 

  • Discover and remove limiting beliefs and blocks.

  • Create strategies to use to keep you on your aligned path and following your purpose.

  • Create a life that you wake up excited about EVERY SINGLE DAY!

Melody C.