Discovering and Living Your Soul Purpose: The 12 week Course

Life Defining Question...

Do you know your soul purpose,  your "why" for being here at this exact moment, at this exact time?  ​

  • Do you feel like you were meant for more than the life you are living?

  • Do you feel like you are being called to a greater purpose, but aren't sure how to get there?

  • Do you feel like you have untapped spiritual gifts?

  • Do you feel unworthy of happiness and the life you desire?

  • Are you ready to get on your path so that you can live a life of freedom and happiness while also being connected to your divine purpose and power.

Are you ready to discover your purpose and start living a life where you radiate happiness, be spiritually connected, and are absolutely fulfilled by who you are and what you are contributing?

Your Time Starts NOW!

Believe me, there is no better time than now.

I have been there!

I was you...I am you! I have felt those limiting beliefs, I have felt hopeless and like I would never get a life full of happiness. But through a TON of hard work and dedication, I discovered that fulfillment in one’s life can NEVER come from an outside source.

You want a life of fulfillment, alignment, and passion, a life where you wake up every day knowing who you are and what you came to this earth to do. And my program will support you in creating and maintaining this life for yourself.

It is MY Purpose to Help You Discover YOURS

It is my true purpose in life to help you discover yours and I will stop at nothing to help you get there. I am so motivated to helping my clients and watching them live the life they WANT and the life they DESERVE!

I have helped women gain the clarity they need to make decisions and move forward in their lives. I have helped women launch and grow their business. I have helped women discover and tap into their spiritual gifts. I have helped women align with their purpose and start living in alignment with their highest selves. 

You are destined for more. Period. A life of happiness and fulfillment is within reach.

About Jess

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I am a Clairvoyant and Soul Purpose Expert. I lead clients towards discovering their soul purpose and help them start living their purpose in all aspects of their life. What sets me apart in this industry is that I was you, I AM YOU! This is a journey. I’ve been where you are!


It starts as a blur, a life that feels purposeless. I was there for many many years. And I was tired, tired of my life. So, I decided to jump full force into working on myself. I saw counselors, I dove into spirituality, I read books, listened to podcasts. I did A LOT of work to get to this place. I still work at it, it is a lifelong journey. One of constant self-discovery and growth. But, I wouldn’t go back, I couldn’t go back. I’m energized by my life! I know I am living my soul purpose and doing what I am meant to do on this planet. I know that my actions are getting me closer and are pushing me towards becoming my highest self. I have abundance in all areas of my life including: finances, career, opportunities, and relationships. AND!!! It is my mission to help you do the same. 

Together We Will

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  • Get clear on your soul purpose.

  • Grow confidence in yourself and in your spiritual gifts. 

  • Discover and remove limiting beliefs and blocks.

  • Create strategies to use to keep you on your aligned path and following your purpose.

  • Create a life that you wake up excited about EVERY SINGLE DAY!

What You Receive

  • 12+ Pre-recorded modules about self-development and your intuitive gifts!

  • One initial Soul Purpose Reading!

  • Weekly Q&A's

  • Facebook group

  • Homework

  • Journal Prompts

  • Meditations

  • Affirmations

  • EFT Tapping

What to Expect

Your results will directly correspond to the effort that YOU put into the program. I cannot make you do any of the work, but I can promise you that I will show up for you and do everything in my power to help you achieve your goals and your transformation by the end of these three months working together. 

I can teach you how to connect to your spiritual gifts. I can give you alchemical healings, I can help you identify and move past limiting beliefs. I can help you get clear on your purpose. And I can share my knowledge and experience to help you bypass a lot of the mistakes and expended energy that I did in my journey. 

What the Program Entails

Module 1: Basic Needs & Inner Child

In Module 1 we first assess where you currently are on your journey. From there, we begin to build the foundation for your entire journey. We will talk about both your physical needs and your most  basic spiritual needs. We dive deep into your physical health and what you can do to achieve your most optimal health and your best physical potential. Additionally, we will go deep into your inner child, the basis for your ideas that have carried through during your life.  You will learn ways to connect with and begin to heal your inner child. 

Module 2: Safety and Security &     Clair-Empathy

In Module 2 we continue to build foundational layers. We talk about the security that you feel in your life, We explore how safe you feel physically and financially. We also explore how safe you feel spiritually and with your specific spiritual gifts. We work to both identify and remove the blocks that are keeping you from feeling completely safe and secure in the 3D as well as within your spirituality. You will remove fear and blocks pertaining to working with Spirit and developing your spirituality. We will identify the limiting beliefs in your life that are holding you back from being your most confident self. We will also use tangible strategies to help bring more safety and stability into your life. We also discuss the basic clairvoyant gift of clair-empathy. 

Module 3: Love and Creative Expression & Clairsentience

In Module 3 we access how to tap into more creative expression and love into our lives. We work hard to learn about where we are lacking that freedom of expression and love and begin to remove blocks and limiting beliefs to help us fully embody and start living heir most creative and loving self. Finding blocks in self-esteem and moving them out. We will work through meditations and affirmations to help discover and reconnect with love and worthiness for ourselves. We will also begin to tap into our creativity to see how we can express our creativity through our purpose. We discuss clairsentience and tap into the gift of clear feeling and do mediations around it to help open up your clairsentient gifts. 

Module 4: Self-Esteem and Speaking Your Truth & Clairaudience

In Module 4 we talk about what is holding you back from speaking your truth and truly embodying your potential and purpose here. We work on the limiting beliefs that are holding you back from stepping into the person you are MEANT to be in this lifetime and we work through those blocks and remove those blocks. We will discover what you truly love in life and work to develop and amplify your self esteem so you feel confident pursuing your purpose. We also dive into clairaudience, what it is and how to develop that in your life to be more connected with Spirit. 

Module 5: Realization, Using Your Intuitive Gifts in Your Purpose, & Clairvoyance

In this module, you are getting crystal clear into your soul purpose. You will examine all of the work that was previously done and use those prompts and that information to go deep and discover your soul purpose. That reason why you are here. You are also discovering your gift of clairvoyance where you are able to clearly see the information that Spirit and your spirit guides are gifting to you. 

Module 6: Establishment and Claircognizance

This is the module in which you start to LIVE your soul purpose. Where you start to take those action steps towards implementing your soul purpose into your life. To making those changes and SEEING those changes unfold in your daily life. This is the module that is the culmination of the course and everything that you have learned. We will also talk about claircognizance, which is clear knowing. We connect with our crown chakra and receive the downloads and communication with Spirit through our knowing. 

Now that you are ready to discover and start living your soul purpose....

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