1:1 Spiritual Readings


E-Mail Reading

$33 (USD) 

The e-mail readings will consist of you sending 3 questions via e-mail, I will do a reading related specifically to those questions, and send you a detailed e-mail about the information I received. The e-mail will be sent within 48 hours within receiving payment and questions. 

1:1 Reading-

$111 (USD) 

One 60 minute reading

In the 60 minute soul reading session, we will have an online meeting via Skype. Prior to the meeting, I will send an e-mail asking what you would specifically like to focus on during the reading. The reading will consist of a brief introduction where we go over what you would like to focus on, followed by me tapping in and taking notes about what I receive, then I will share the information. We will discuss the messages and I will answer any additional questions or clarifications needed. Lastly, I will provide "next steps" that you can use related to the information shared during the reading.