1:1 Spiritual Readings

E-Mail Reading

$33 (USD) 

The e-mail readings will consist of you sending 3 questions via e-mail, I will do a reading related specifically to those questions, and send you a detailed e-mail about the information I received. The e-mail will be sent within 48 hours within receiving payment and questions. 

1:1 Reading-

$111 (USD) 

One 60 minute reading

In the 60 minute soul reading session, we will have an online meeting via Skype. Prior to the meeting, I will send an e-mail asking what you would specifically like to focus on during the reading. The reading will consist of a brief introduction where we go over what you would like to focus on, followed by me tapping in and taking notes about what I receive, then I will share the information. We will discuss the messages and I will answer any additional questions or clarifications needed. Lastly, I will provide "next steps" that you can use related to the information shared during the reading.   



Although we strive to make sure that our services, products, and offerings are represented as accurately as possible, results may vary and we cannot guarantee the results that you will experience from our sessions, programs, services, or offerings. Testimonials do not guarantee that you will have the same experience as that individual. Each individual is responsible for their own well-being and making the best decisions in regards to themselves. Success with the programs, services, and offerings will rely greatly on the desire and dedications of the individuals receiving the services. 

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