Jessica Reid,

creator of Gifted Experts

Jesica is able to deeply connect with your energy and feel into what's going on in your life. In the reading she did for me, Jessica was able to describe visions that represented the guidance coming forward from Spirit in response to my questions. She also holds a very high vibration which makes you feel very safe in her presence. 

The channeled guidance I received from Jessica resonated on such a deep level. She tuned into my purpose and painted a very clear picture of how I can go about to share myself and my story in a more aligned and authentic way, to draw in my dream clients who are ready to work with me. She also tuned into the more technical, business side of my purpose and confirmed to me that what I had been debating on doing, would be the most intelligent next step to take. I feel so much more empowered and confident in my visions for my future, knowing with crystal clarity that I’m on the right path. Everything she channeled for me came from a very loving and supportive space. Jessica is incredibly gifted, and I’m so grateful to have received such powerful guidance from her!

Valene E. 

My reading with Jessica was so pure, Jessica's clairvoyance is so strong she was so spot on the question I asked. She explained what she saw and I felt instantly that it was what I needed to hear. I cannot explain how beautiful her energy is, it is like she has a sparkle within her. I definitely will ask her again for a reading!

Sabine E. 

Jessica has a very clear and succinct way to communicate, and I especially appreciate her notes that are immensely helpful to go over key points after our reading. My experience with her has been nothing short of insightful and helpful. I'm very appreciative of the attention and care from Jessica and the incredible ability she has and the capacity to use her gifts for the highest good. Thank you!

Melody C. 

I just had a reading with the lovely Jessica Rose. She was really accommodating and popped up when I had several questions swirling around my mind. She was warm and sensitive during our reading and was great at listening. Jess picked up some stuff which I myself had not been aware off, some shadows of the past literally chasing me still. But through her channeled message from Archangel Jophiel, I feel encouraged to move forward with purpose and confidence. She also confirmed some of the niggles which only I knew! WOW! Jess has a real talent, and I look forward to watching her bloom in due course. Go forward with confidence Jess! xo

Jess S. 

Wow I was totally blown away from Jessica's reading it made me speechless. Very accurate information and exactly what I was feeling, but I had my doubts thinking it was coming from my ego. I now have zero doubts. I would definitely recommend her she truly is one of a kind- genuine, accurate and caring. 

Lavina Q.